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Sex Offender Gayprac List



Saturday, May 14, 2011 6:41 PM CST


Judge says, "With the revelation of the lies and criminality involved with the 1973 APA vote and with scores of new surveys of psychiatrists and with hundreds of new studies, it is swiftly evident that Gaypracs are mentally ill."

L. F. Nexus Wins Anti Gayprac Lawsuit!

The (Gay) Task Force And The ACLU Have Been Defeated! The Mental Illness of Gaypracs Has Been Upheld In Court! Judge Declares That Former L. F. Nexus Gayprac Employee Will Not Get Their Job Back!



Before we begin, we want everyone to know that we are against all forms of violence.  That being said, our goal is the termination of all sexually perverse relationships.  In most cases, these are Gayprac relationships; therefore, we will be concentrating on Gaypracs on our website.  However, Gaypracs are not our only targets.


The following article presents our basic perspective:


Basic Perspective

(First posted at


A friend of mine told me that he has a Gayprac friend and that his Gayprac friend is kind, decent, charming, educated, generous, sweet, hardworking, noble, considerate, courteous, patriotic, philanthropic, talented, wise, prudent, sincere, loving, patient, good, gentle, compassionate, humble and possessed a number of other virtues as well.  My friend is a highly intelligent person and a person of great integrity; so, I told my friend that what he told me about his Gayprac friend may be true and that, while his Gayprac friend may possess all of those wonderful qualities, that Gayprac sex is evil, wicked, sinful, bad, dishonorable, corrupt, abominable, baleful, baneful, damaging, dangerous, deleterious, detrimental, harmful, hurtful, injurious, nocuous, noxious, pernicious, toxic, destructive, stupid, dumb, idiotic, moronic, sociopathic, psychotic, psychopathic, pathological, abnormal, sick, perverted, insane, hideous, monstrous, and deserving of hell and that the mere mention of Gayprac sex makes me barf, gag, heave, hurl, vomit, retch, spew, upchuck, throw up, and puke and that, therefore, his Gayprac friend was not perfect.


Now, here are some beginning general principles:


1.      If you want help to overcome the Gayprac lifestyle you may find it at NARTH.


2.      We seek to end all Gayprac relationships.


3.      We are more concerned about Gayprac extremists than about Gayprac nonextremists.  This is because Gayprac extremists are sometimes succeeding in turning our children into “little Gaypracs.”  For some insight into how Gayprac extremists are able to do this see our associated website The Gay Puppet Masters.  Basically, Gayprac extremists exploit the sexual confusion that may occur in the mind of a child.


4.      The public has been lied to for over 35 years about the fact that the American Psychiatric Association did not completely eliminate homosexuality as a mental illness.


5.      The American Psychiatric Association only eliminated the explicit classification of homosexuality as a mental illness after Gaypracs became a part of the leadership of the American Psychiatric Association.  Wow!  What a coincidence!  For in-depth information on this point see The "Trojan Couch".  A quick note to the young and less sophisticated:


What this all means is that Gaypracs are still mentally ill.


6.      The United States Psychiatric Association was started years ago in part to combat the evils of the American Psychiatric Association.


We are just beginning to develop this our new and latest main website on the subject of Gaypracs, etc.  For now, here are some of our earlier articles on our original websites:


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CSRI Whitepapers Website – AKA “Gaypracs Are Perverts Dot Com”


You may find additional articles by using the Jim Carrey Search Engine on the L. F. Nexus Think Tank website:


Jim Carrey Search Engine



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